location mapBayu Undan Platform
Location :
Bayu Undan Platform, Timor Sea, Australia-East Timor Joint Petroleum Development Area
Description :
The Bayu Undan 2012 shutdown and AIMS (Asset Integrity Maintenance Scheme) was a major maintenance overhaul undertaken during partial shutdown conditions for 30 days in May 2012. The hot-work scope was very ambitious with class A hot work being undertaken in 10 locations spread throughout the DPP and CUQ platforms. The hot work was mainly centred on a major valve replacement and repair of corrosion affected spools, using either overlay welding or cut out and replacement of entire spools.
Planning :
The planning was very well organised prior to the job with a very comprehensive series of meetings with the client, a detailed site survey prior to mobilisation and detailed scaffold planning and implementation prior to the shutdown scope commencement. The planning had to involve the multiple work scopes being undertaken simultaneously, the use of the Safecool Ex-rated air-conditioning system, as well as the ability to alter our habitats to accommodate changes to work scopes as further issues became apparent.
Challenges :
Prior to the shutdown a large habitat onshore was required so that the project welders could complete full 12 hour inert gas welding tests. The habitat needed to accommodate 3 welders at a time to work in an air-conditioned environment. Target temperature inside the habitat was 24 degrees, with an ambient of 35 degrees.

The shutdown was only partial meaning that the platform was considered live. Ten hot work class A habitats were required within an 18 day period, with 2 hot work locations running concurrently. The locations of the hot work were spread throughout the platform. All habitats were required to be air conditioned with an internal target temperature of 24 degrees with approximately 37 degree ambient temperatures.

With the platform located in the Timor Sea preparation for cyclones was essential.
Solutions :
Onshore mock-up ensured all welders were fully aware of the benefits of working inside the habitats, with the target temperature of 24 degrees achieved with just one SafeCool unit chilling the 8m x 3m x 2m habitat, which contained 3 welders, concurrently working 12 hour shifts.

Utilisation of Safehouse Habitats, along with highly trained Safehouse technicians, ensured that hot work could be carried out in 10 locations on the Bayu Undan without incident. Our flexibility and experience meant we were able to produce all of the habitats well within the time constraints set before the commencement of the job, and even include two additional hot work scopes.

The two Safecool air-conditioning units mobilised to the platform ensured that all habitats were cooled, and achieved the target temperature of 24 degrees in each of them. The hot work was undertaken in very comfortable conditions, even in the tropical heat and humidity of the Timor Sea.
Outcome :
The project was a great success with all of the hot-work including the additional work scopes being completed within the planned timeframe without incident. The client was very impressed with the standard of our product and the ease in which we were able to accommodate their needs. Our ability to maintain rigid safety standards across numerous hot-work sites simultaneously was a standout, resulting in a very positive testimonial.
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